Thursday, May 14, 2009

When Dan's Away

I do things very differently when Dan is gone on business, or a hunting trip, or on a guys' weekend... here are just a few of the things that change when he's not around. {what changes for you when your hubbie is gone?}
  1. I don't clean my kitchen every day at 4:00 {instead, I sit outside and watch my kids ride bikes in the culdesac with all of their neighbor friends}
  2. I don't make my bed
  3. I leave all of my hair styling tools & products out on the counter
  4. I don't put my clothes in the hamper
  5. we eat pasta for dinner every night
  6. we always, always have a treat after dinner
  7. I put the kids to bed much later {that's not a great thing, it just happens that way}
  8. I shop more
  9. I sleep less.
  10. I hear every little sound in and around our house at night and get freaked out.
  11. I watch a lot of lame, late night tv
  12. the kids miss wrestle time
  13. I eat all the oreos I want.
  14. I really, really miss him {so then I spend the last day before he gets home cleaning my little heart out, so that he'll want to stick around a little bit longer...}

love ya sweetcheeks!


ang said...

i always make my parents come stay with me so i don't have to be alone! lol

Robin said...

I read myself to sleep.

I spend more time on the computer.

We have breakfast for dinner.

I'll do 2nd day hair and sometimes even 3rd day hair.

Roland travels so much I finally had to give up being scared at night - I wasn't getting any sleep. If I hear a sound I blame it on the wind, or the kids. It helps if I put in a load of dishes or laundry so I can blame noises on those machines.

Berly said...

- We have breakfast for dinner.
- I do not sleep!!
- I fall asleep watching TV - "Jon and Kate plus 8" and "What not toe Wear."
- I get scared at night, very scared at night.
- We have slumber parties in Mom's room.
- I watch alot of chick-flicks!!

Becki Madsen said...

I do EXACTLY what you do! When Jason stops traveling next year, it might take me a while to get used to it!

Diana said...

I kind of like the few nights Marc is gone a year--and I mean few, like maybe 3 or 4.

I put the kids to bed early, indulge in a yummy treat and watch a movie he would hate. Last time, it was The Notebook.

I also actually love that I can hog the bed those nights.

Rachael Jill said...

We do breaky for dinner too!! We call it "brinner"

I take up the whole bed and put my white noise machine on full volume.

I stay up late baking and watching crappy late night TV

My house is actually cleaner. (I love my hubby, but picking up after himself is not his forte)

Really, life doesn't change that much, D gone a lot so its become a part of life for me... Although reading has started to relpace TV...

Cristi said...

you are such a good wife!