Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Robin!!!
I have the PRIVILEGE of being Robin's visiting teacher. She's just a down to earth, but spunky, beautiful, cheerful, bold, intelligent, multi-talented, strong, loving, AMAZING woman who makes everyone around her feel cared for and uplifted!
So glad I get to be even a small part of her beautiful life.
I got to spend a little bit of the gorgeous, sunny morning with her today, sitting on her deck, chatting, while Bella and Calvin helped themselves to her backyard, and then her family room, and then her piano, and then her backyard again, and then finally to a nice cool glass of water in her kitchen. And she was calm through every minute of it - incredible.
Happy Birthday girl!
Lots of love!!!


Robin said...

Bless your sweet little heart! You are such a darling person. Come over with the beautiful kids anytime. They really are beautiful.

I wore the necklace ALL DAY. It's like a party on my neck. (does that sound nasty?)

Sally said...

What a nice tribute to my sister. You are right about Robin, she is awesome. I am jealous that you get to see her every week!

Kristen said...

How nice of you to recognize my amazing sister on her birthday! She really is wonderful! I, too, am jealous that you get to be so near to her and see her often.

Emily said...

I'm so glad that someone else gets to enjoy Robin's friendship in person, since I can't living so far away. I can picture just exactly your visit, and I'm jealous.


Linda said...

What a darling girl you are, with beautiful children! Robin has told me what a good friend you are. I'm glad you're her v.t. Kis her for me.