Thursday, May 28, 2009

Google Yourself

Have you ever googled yourself? I was trying to google pictures of my Great Aunt for a little blog tribute to her – and couldn’t find any. I googled her husband, no pics. So I got curious, and did a google image search on myself. There were a few blog things, a couple facebook things, and some pics of crafts, and a pattern that I did for my cuz-in-laws website. Then I got even more curious to see what people could find out about me, so I did just a regular google search for my name, and then my maiden name. Interesting what comes up. Newspaper birth announcements, property records, business profiles, and then something I had totally forgotten about. When I was in high school, we were given an assignment in our English class to write in to a magazine and see if we could get published. I was the only one in class who made it into print. I wish it was for a beautifully written, creative, inspiring article – but really, I was only 15. I wrote in to the magazine I read most at the time “The New Era”, and to the section that I thought I had the best chance of getting published in – the Reader’s Feedback section - and this little snippet showed up on my google search, on the website in the November 1993 New Era archives. Here it is in all its glory:

I would like to thank you for the article “Monday Is for Abs” in your April 1993 issue. My lifelong dream has been to go on a mission. Although I am only 15 years old, I have been looking forward to this wonderful event for many years. Reading this story reminded me of the many blessings that come from being a missionary. I am extremely grateful for the New Era and all the fantastic articles that have inspired me to serve a mission.
Cumorah Hunt Grants Pass, Oregon

I really did want to serve a mission. I always planned on it. I was dating Dan when I turned 21, and asked him if he would wait for me while I served a mission. He of course told me a big fat no. I was really hurt at the time thinking he didn’t love me enough to wait a year and a half for me so that I could have this great, growing experience. But now, I realize that he loved me enough to tell me the truth. If I had served a mission at that time, we probably wouldn’t have ended up together, and my life would be drastically different. (so scary to think about!) I do still plan on serving a mission, someday, and I’ll get to serve with Dan. How amazing will that be?

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Jen and Kent said...

Nothing came up for me when I googled my name. I think because there are so many Jennifer Carlson's. When I added my middle name though Kate's birth came up in the Desseret news. Weird...who knew.