Tuesday, April 27, 2010

At home during Nashville

We are SO grateful that my parents were able to come out and watch the kids while we went away for our anniversary. They played their little hearts out!

They broke a few of the rules, like... climbing in Emmett's crib
playing on the nice sofas

eating lots of candy - check out Az's green teeth!
{when we got back, Azure told me she wished I was Nana. When I asked her why, she said "Because she lets us eat LOTS of candy!"

and playing in Emmett's jumper.
But, really. What's a week with the grandparents if you don't break a few rules, right?

They also had LOTS of adventures.
They went to Mr. Biggs
where they played dress-up

dug in the sand,

and explored the caves.

They did chalk drawings
And played games
Sequence was a favorite, of course!
They went to the park.

And to the movies

They posed with Spiderman before seeing Alvin & the Chipmunks Squeakwal

And ate lots, and lots of icecream!

They also made bubbles in the snow, went swimming at the Monument YMCA, played at McDonalds, ate bread bowls at Panera, and dids lots of other fun things. I'm sure my kids didn't miss us one bit! They were way too busy having the time of their lives with Nana & Bapa.
Thank you guys for taking such good care of our chitlins while we were away! They still talk about their fabulous time with you!

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