Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sock it to me Summer!

Let me begin by stating that I understand the value of socks.
On a cold, wintery day, I can appreciate my tootsies being snuggled in a sleeve of soft wool. I am grateful that they keep blisters at bay during my jaunts at the gym. And I am thankful for their ability to prevent my kids' shoes from harboring the aroma of their not-so-rosy smelling feet. That being said...
I hate socks.

This is the amount of socks my little family goes through in a week.

This is the amount of socks who's partners have been reported as missing in action in a week.

Where on EARTH do they disappear to?
It is one of the great wonders of the world...
a wonder that irritates me to no end.

This is why I am soooo looking forward to summer,
and a whole lot of days in these:
Bless warm, sockless days.
Bless my little ones' wee sweet toes.
And bless the fiend who steals half of our socks...he must need them more than we do!


Tongue-N-Cheeky said...

Seriously! LOVE your kindred sock spirit. Where DO those squirrely non-paired socks skedaddle off to?! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog to share this link. You are too adorable.
Man, many hugs! Let's definitely do lunch. It would be lovely to get together. Sandals required. ;)

Saquel25 said...

I love it! I feel exactly the same way and practically worship flip-flops.

The Goulds said...

move to AZ & you can wear flip flops all year least in the valley!

Tricia Lauritzen said...

You make me laugh. I have a similar pile at my house. The 'sock box' never seems to be empty.

Lena said...

Cumorah! lol, I was SO wasting time today googling old friends and found this!

My sock answer- we just have a laundry basket for them and everyone (old enough) is on their own to find socks when they needs them. I don't do socks, lol

Good to see you!
Lena (Feil) Morgan (DT, BYU Summer 1996)

Cristi said...

I so agree! I love sandal weather!

Alicia said...

Hey roomie! Just looking through some blogs and saw a recent comment you made on the cheeky kitchen blog. My first thought- "That has to be my Cumorah!" And it is!

And I'm with you on the socks. Where do they go?! Ha ha!

I spent a few minutes catching up on your blog. Happy to see you happy! hugs!

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