Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Part 1: Wedding

Our week of Thanksgiving was action packed this year. We had a wedding, hosted a feast, wonderful houseguests, and a baby shower - and went to a movie, archery shooting, rock climbing and swimming with the cousins. So let's start at the beginning with Todd & Kathryn's wedding, shall we? In a word: LOVELY.

Calvin was even moved to tears...and drool.

My little sweeties.

All the cousins!

My girls thought Kathryn looked just like a princess. Isn't she darling?

At the reception.

A siblings ONLY photo.

Not to be outdone, we held our own In-Laws ONLY photo. We are just too funny.

Dan's Aunties that we got to keep for a couple of days! They are so much fun!

They hired the best ballon artist I have ever seen for the evening.

Ah, so sweet. Mother & Son.

And Father & Daughter.

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Rachel. said...

Congratulations todd and wife! What a happy day for them. And the in law picture is pretty funny.