Thursday, June 23, 2011


I told my kids they would be having a babysitter in the morning.
They asked why.
I answered that it was because I have a job interview.
And surprisingly, all at once, out of the mouths of my three eldest, rang a resounding "Nooooo!!!!!" Followed quickly by questions like: "Will we have to go to daycare?" "Who will take care of us?" "I don't want you to go to work mommy!"

And can I tell seriously made my day. They really do appreciate their mommy! They might not thank me everytime I scrape their dried up Cream of Wheat off the table. They might not mention how much they love those goodnight hugs, kisses and stories about BillyBob, JohnJohn & Clyde. They might tell me how much they do NOT like chicken croquettes as they turn up their noses and refuse to eat for the night. They might groan as I coerce them into doing their daily reading - even during summer vacation. They might grumble as I explain again that I have sorted, washed, dried and folded their laundry, and now they can put it away or else. They might take fifteen minutes too long to pile into the van on our way to piano, soccer, dance, church, the gym, errand running, and even the pool...but now...the secret is out. They really would miss having their mama around. And my heavens, I would miss them too.

So no, they won't have to go to daycare. I'm really, really hoping it's the same type of graphic design position I had before that graciously allowed me to work from home. If not, then it's not for me. I suppose I'll find out in the morning!


paulak said...

Awwww...doesn't that just make you feel so great.

Ken and Amy said...

It's nice to know that they really DO appreciate you.....sometimes I tend to wonder myself. Good luck with the job. I hope it is for you because you are an amazing graphic designer!