Monday, February 14, 2011


Once upon a time, I was a girl who got lost in the fantasy of Valentine's day. I was a girl with dangerously high expectations for this flowery holiday. A girl who dreamed of dancing and diamonds and dinner I had to dress up for. A girl who ultimately took matters into her own hands and planned year after year of fabulous Valentine's adventures. Until, one day. I got tired. I realized my husband loved me, and I loved him, whether or not we were dining & dancing on one specific day of the year.
Perhaps, I am just getting old, but today was quite ordinary. Aside from the school party planning & doing, and the special treats for my little ones, and a pair of "Brasil" flip flops for my sweetie, it could have been any other ordinary Monday.
Luckily, I get to spend every single ordinary Monday with my very favorite people in the whole wide world.
Happy simple, quiet, blissfully ordinary Valentine's Day.


paulak said...

Wow, that sounds all too familiar. I was that girl once too...still am. But I thoroughly enjoyed just being with my expectations...loved it.

Rachel. said...

That is sweet. I sadly probably still have high expectations. Or any expectations, which makes them seem high. I had a nice day though, and gave grandma chocolate and flowers, so there is that.

Leigh said...

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