Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Answer

Well, thanks all for sharing your thoughts about us - and all good things - thank you! Of course - your self image is always a little bit different than what other people think about you! Now that you've responded, I'll let you in on what our debate is really about.
For YEARS, Dan has let me know that I am NOT funny. I have never agreed with this. I realize that we have different senses of humor - as he grew up in a home where joking about bodily functions was seen as hilarous, and those things weren't even discussed in my family.
I do think Dan is funny - it's one of the things I love about him {especially that he laughs at his jokes harder than anyone else does}. It's endearing. But at the same time, I don't think you have to tell jokes with a drumrolled punchline to be a funny person.
Sunday night - it all came to a head, after having our YSA's over. He can't believe that anyone would think I'm funny, and I can't believe that he would think that! I figured I'd put it to a test, and see what people really think of us. OF COURSE, almost everyone said Dan is funny - that's just his thing. Even my top 3 words for him would be Athletic, Funny, and Charming.
I guess I was hoping that I would be vindicated, and that funny might also be one of the things that people think about me. I am going to count "witty" - I think that probably describes my sense of humor a little bit better than "funny". But, nonetheless, I'm grateful for all the nice things you said about me! I guess I should just be glad nobody wrote: Cumorah: 1.monstrously tall, 2.obnoxious, and 3.always late! So thanks to all!!!


Robin said...

Happy Birthday you funny, FUNNY girl!

Cristi said...

you are definitely very witty!